Winter is here and in full swing. While the cold weather can be refreshing, after a while it can become a drag. Longing for an escape somewhere warmer? We’ve got some budget-friendly trips you can take this winter to ditch the cold!

Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville winters are mild, and so are the crowds this time of year. Break away from the freezing temperatures and enjoy live music, iconic bars, and maybe even a Predators game. There’s a ton to do in Nashville, so you’re sure to find places to fit your budget.

Austin, Texas. Austin is sure to give you a break from the cold. This is another city full of live music and vibrant nightlife! You can tailor your itinerary to fit your budget- Austin has options. From concerts to museums and even outdoor activities, Austin offers a great change of pace during winter.

Knights Key, Florida. Florida is a no-brainer for winter vacation. Usually, that means trips can get expensive. Knights Key is the exception! Since it’s a part of the middle keys, Knights is a lot more affordable. Enjoy the beach vacation you’re craving in the best-kept secret of the Florida Keys.

Tucson, Arizona. Tucson doesn’t get colder than the mid-60s during the winter months. Get your dose of sunshine without breaking your budget! There are plenty of outdoor sites to see between the deserts, state parks, and national parks. Check out one of the many museums too, if that’s your thing!

Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is another city with a mild winter that brings mild crowds. Winter is the best time to visit since the masses usually flock during the summer. Charleston is charming year-round, so expect to enjoy all the same things you would, just with an extra cozy touch!



No matter where you decide to jet off to, remember that you don’t have to break your budget to have a good time. Need extra funds to treat yourself to a trip? Contact us about our Vacation Loans and get to booking!