Over the past two years, Common Trust Federal Credit Union has made huge strides towards becoming more involved in the community and accommodating member wants and needs. In the last three years alone, our portfolio has grown drastically to include a wide range of loan promotions. Our services have also been expanded to offer financial literacy programs to schools in the Woburn area, further reinforcing our close-knit ties to the community. From competitive offers to an unbelievably friendly staff, the list of things that set us apart from competition keeps on growing.

Last week, President and CEO Jim McCorkle had the opportunity to speak with Tyler Gates of the Woburn Spotlight and answer a few questions. In the episode, Jim dives a little deeper into some notable milestones and next steps to keep giving back to the community and our members. Want to learn a little more about what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Common Trust? Check out the full episode.