Join us remotely for our 55th Annual Meeting of the Common Trust Federal Credit Union:

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at 4:30 PM

To join the meeting dial: 1-209-844-4600

Meeting ID: 307237871#


  • Welcome by Chairperson
  • Old Business
    • Reading and approval of 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes
  • New Business
    • Reading and approval of the Treasurer’s Report
    • Reading and approval of the Supervisory Committee’s
    • Report of the CEO
    • Election of Directors
    • Any other new business

Meeting Recap:

Common Trust Federal Credit Union held its Annual Meeting of the Membership on April 12, 2022, via an audio conference call. Chairman of the Board, Kathleen McSweeney, and President/CEO James M. McCorkle presented the 2021 Annual Reports to the virtual attendees, embracing Common Trust Federal Credit Union’s legacy and focusing on the strategic plans for the future of the credit union. Chairman McSweeney and Mr. McCorkle discussed the investment in innovative technologies while offering competitive loan and deposit rates and strengthening its ties to the communities served by Common Trust. Looking ahead, Chairman McSweeney and Mr. McCorkle referred to the changing and difficult environment we are in, and the commitment Common Trust has made and will continue to make to support the needs of our community.

“Our continued compassion and support for the needs of our employees and the community is what drives our institution,” stated President/CEO James McCorkle. “While few of us know what the rest of 2022 will bring, there is no doubt in my mind that Common Trust’s Credit Union’s dedication to our employees and members, and a commitment to the communities we serve will carry us into the future.”

Chairman McSweeney concluded the meeting by announcing that there are two open seats on the board and ask for any nominations from the floor. Having not received any nominations Kathleen explained that the board would work to fill the two open positions for a period until the next annual meeting.