Moving out on your own is a huge step, one full of equal parts excitement and nervousness. Without the comforts of home, you can feel unanchored in the new space while adjusting to the sheer freedom of being a college student. It doesn’t have to be this way, though! 

Other dorm room lists have the basics covered — sheets, comforter, towels, shower shoes, etc. — let’s take a deeper look at those essential extras that will make your shared space feel like a home and provide you with the support you need to make your college experience successful! 

1. Area rug — Getting up for that 8 a.m. lab might be easier if your feet hit a plush carpet rather than a cold floor. Measure the space to get the right size, and pack a small vacuum and fabric spray to keep it clean and fresh. 

2. Dish and silverware set — A small set that includes a few plates, a bowl, a mug, and some silverware will go a long way toward making late-night ramen or local take-out feel like a home cooked meal.

3. Powerstrips — There are never enough outlets, especially when you have to share them. Look for a model that has a long extension cord, plenty of plug space and USB ports for easy charging.

4. Cozy blanket — You have a nice comforter set, but a soft throw blanket gives you options when you don’t necessarily want to get into bed. Use it to wrap up during cold study sessions or when taking a much-needed video game break.

5. Trash can — You forget that you need one until you actually need it. Get a slim model and use those delivery bags to line it for easy disposal on your way to class. 

6. Alarm clock — Yeah, we know: Your phone alarm works great … until it doesn’t. Spend the dough to get a real alarm clock. Some models even offer special features, like a bed shaker or puzzle, that’ll make sure you don’t miss class.

7. Sound-proof headphones — Dorms are, by nature, communal spaces. There will be times when you want to crank your music loud — and conversely times when the party down the hall is disrupting your study time. Best be prepared.

8. Laundry basket — Opt for a sturdy, collapsible model with handles that can fit in your closet and hold all the supplies you need, like soap and dryer sheets. 

9. Curtains — Aside from adding privacy in a fairly non-private space, they can also function as decor on bare concrete walls. Sheer to light-blocking varieties are available — and in a pinch, a shower curtain will do.

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