Summer is a great time to travel and explore, but all of the expenses that come with it can add up. Common Trust Credit Union wants you to enjoy your summer travels without breaking the bank. Here are a few of the best tips to stay within your budget:

  • Look for group or family discounts. Planning your trip with family and friends can help you get group discounts rates at theme parks, accommodations, and more.
  • Use your frequent flyer miles. If you fly often, consider signing up for an airline’s loyalty program. Some airlines offer free domestic flights after accruing a set amount of miles. Other airlines provide discounts or upgrades for flights based on the number of miles you have earned.
  • Compare accommodation options. Hotels are a great option when you want standard services and amenities, but many vacation rental sites can help you find a larger place for the same amount. Renting a home from a local resident can help you see the city from a local perspective. If you want to save even more, research budget accommodation options like hostels.
  • Reduce transportation costs. Many large cities have public transit systems that will take you to popular tourist spots. If you don’t want to worry about crowded trains or waiting on late buses, look for local bike, segway or even scooter rentals to explore your destination without having to worry about traffic or costly car rentals.
  • Plan your budget with the help of your local credit union. Whether you’re looking to save for a family vacation or plan for retirement,  CTFCU partners with financial advisors to help you develop a sound financial plan to meet your goals.