Resolutions we love at Common Trust FCU are financial ones, of course. For 2023, we’ve set goals to
maximize how well your money works for you.

While we are committed to your financial well-being in 2023, we want you to take the lead on strengthening your financial outlook.

One way to get the most out of your savings and retirement accounts is to set yearly savings goals. Add one or more of these accounts to your financial portfolio, and watch your money grow!

Regular Share Savings Account: Not only do your deposits make your savings grow, but so do the dividends you earn. It’s a great account for building up your savings portfolio.

IRA: Add an IRA to your retirement plan. It’s better than Social Security benefits and pensions (if they exist at your company) since our IRAs have a high rate of return. We have Traditional and Roth IRAs to choose from.

Savings Jar: Not about accounts, but an easy way to start your savings habit is to use a savings jar. Put your change in the jar and deposit it into your Share Draft Savings Account once it’s full. To make it even easier, consolidate all of your change at a coin counter (they have them in most grocery stores.) Then you can use your cash or deposit it into your savings accounts.

When choosing how you want to save and what accounts you need, we’re always here to help. One recommendation we have to start improving your financial health is to contact us.