CTFCU is excited to introduce our like campaign in support of Woburn’s Council of Social Concern.  2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Council of Social Concern and to give back, we are pledging to donate $1 for every new like or follow we receive on our Facebook and Twitter pages. The like campaign will run from February 1st until March 31st, and we hope to reach a donation goal of $500.

With a mission to foster positive family and community relations, The Council of Social Concern is an agency that provides essential services including childcare, parenting education courses, food assistance programs, and family-based childcare. It offers assistance to individuals of all ages and seeks to help those in the Woburn community reach their full potential.

The Council of Social Concern was founded in 1969 to address the absence of quality and affordable childcare and housing. Today, it serves about 2,200 individuals per year with the help of about 200 volunteers. They rely heavily on donations to fund the facility and other expenses.  

We are excited for the opportunity to give back to a Woburn organization that contributes so much good to our community. We previously ran a like campaign during September of 2018 and donated $250 to the Boys and Girls Club of Woburn.

Help us reach our goal of donating $500 by liking our Facebook and Twitter pages and sharing our posts. Visit the Council of Social Concern’s website to learn more about their work and learn more ways you can help.