A Common Trust Federal Credit Union Share Draft/Checking Account is your alternative to the high checking fees and service charges at other financial institutions.

Discover how easy it is to manage monthly finances with our full-featured checking account.

  • NO Minimum Balance
  • NO Monthly Service Charge
  • NO Per Check Fee
  • Overdraft Line of Credit (must apply)
  • Direct Deposit
  • Direct Bill Payment

MasterMoney® ATM/Check Card

Our Debit Card means less hassle and more convenience for you.

Use it as a check wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed, or use it as an ATM card at thousands of ATM locations displaying the CO-OP, NYCE or CIRRUS® symbols. Look at these advantages.

Use it as you would a check at merchants and vendors wherever you see the MasterCard® logo.
You avoid hassles over ID, and since it’s a card there is no check to write.
Use it as you would a credit card when making purchases, making reservations, paying for hotel and motel rooms, shopping by phone, or for any other reason that you would use a credit card.
Since the money is taken from your designated credit union share draft account, there are no fees or interest to pay*.
Use it as an ATM Card to withdraw money at ATMs everywhere.
You can also use it to verify your account balances and transfer money. And it is safe. No cash to carry or lose.

Do you have one? Call or drop by the Common Trust Federal Credit Union to apply for a Debit Card.

*If it activates you overdraft protection interest may apply.

Please click HERE to locate Non-Surcharging ATMs.

Please click HERE to locate Surcharge – Free SUM ATMs.

To change your pin # on your debit card call 1-800-448-8268 and just follow the prompts. (You will need to know your current pin # in order to change your pin)

Overdraft Protection

Hand-in-hand with your Share Draft Account, we offer overdraft protection, which automatically transfers funds from your savings account to your share draft account in the event that you bounce a check (fee applies). For more information call the Common Trust Federal Credit Union.

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