Who can use these digital lessons?

The Family Portal includes all EVERFI courses available for K-12 students. Though EVERFI’s resources are typically leveraged in a classroom setting, EVERFI and our partners are committed to ensuring that K-12 students also have access to these resources at home for a limited time during this period of widespread school closures.

Can I share this resource with friends and family outside my organization?

Yes. As an EVERFI customer, you are welcome to share this resource with employees and the general public. Social media templates are included below

Will students in my sponsored schools still see my company logo?

Parents are instructed to select their child’s school when they register, which allows us to provide a branded course experience for the students in any school you sponsor. We hope the Family Portal serves as an additional opportunity for you to connect with a parent audience and showcase your commitment to local schools. Thank you for helping us make this possible.

Will students see multiple sponsors on their course dashboard?

Yes. Students will see a different sponsor for each course that is available to them. For example, a bank sponsor on their Financial Education course, and a pharmacy sponsor on their Mental Wellness course, and a sports league sponsor on their STEM course.

Does the Family Portal impact my organization’s student data?

Yes. All student enrollments for the 2019-2020 academic year will be included in your student impact data, including your annual Impact Report.

Does the Family Portal replace traditional school activation via teachers?

No. EVERFI’s K-12 Implementation team is still actively working with schools to implement our courses through teachers. The Family Portal is meant to serve as an additional way to access EVERFI’s courses during this unprecedented time of widespread school closures.

Your library of 20+ courses is a lot. Where should I start?

We encourage you to promote the course you sponsor. In addition, during this time of uncertainty, we suggest courses that support social and emotional well-being. For elementary school students, we have the Compassion Project. For middle and high school students, we recommend Mental Wellness Basics.

Who can help me get started? I can’t find a specific school and am having difficulty accessing the lessons.

Please visit support.everfi.com or email [email protected] to submit a help request. The EVERFI team will respond to these requests as quickly as possible.