Surprising a loved one with a new car as a holiday present might seem like something that only happens in commercials or movies, but did you know that you can pull it off too?

If you find the right financing and follow the necessary steps, surprising someone you love with a new car is possible, and it’s guaranteed to be one of the most memorable gifts of his or her life. Keep reading for five tips to help you successfully surprise someone with a new car this holiday season.

Secure the right financing

If you are not paying in cash, the first step is to secure an auto loan at a rate you can afford. It’s important to note that the loan you receive as well as the car itself will be in your name, rather than the person you are going to give it to. Make sure you have the credit and the down payment savings in order to purchase the car without the other person’s help.

Choose the right car

When you’re picking out a car for someone else, the most important part is making sure it is the car they want. If they don’t like it, returning the car is usually not an option. Make sure to keep in mind his or her preferences, rather than your own, when making each decision.

You’ll need to make choices about the car’s style, such as the interior and color, so make sure you have a good feel for what they like before you go into the dealership. For example, do they like a black or tan interior? It’s a good idea to bring along a friend or family member who knows the recipient well to help you make the right choices.

Tell the dealership it’s a surprise

While you’re shopping, tell the dealer that it’s going to be a surprise gift. Consider asking to work with a dealer who has helped other buyers purchase a surprise gift so they will know all the necessary steps to take. Before you sign, check with the dealer about the laws regarding changing or adding a name to the vehicle title.

In case they need to call you before the big reveal, make sure to provide the dealer with your cell phone number instead of a home phone number. You do not want to risk your gift recipient answering the phone and ruining the surprise.

Ask a neighbor to hold the car

Once you buy the car, it will need to be picked up and stored without your gift recipient knowing. Some dealerships may offer the option to deliver it to your home, but if not, enlist the help of a neighbor or friend who can park it in their driveway until the reveal. When the big day comes, ask if they can drive the car over to your house while everyone is asleep so it will be parked in your driveway in the morning.

Make it fun

When it’s finally time to give the new car, plan out a creative way to surprise the recipient with it. Wrap the keys in an extra large gift box or hide the keys on your Christmas tree to find on Christmas morning. During the holiday season, many dealerships sell the giant bows for you to place on the hood of your new car.

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