As a member of Common Trust Federal Credit Union, you have access to a wide range of services that you might not even realize. From online resources to financial consulting,  there are many ways you can take advantage of your credit union right now. Continue reading to learn about the ways you can capitalize on your membership at CTFCU.

Financial Calculators

When planning for an investment or a big purchase, calculating what you can reasonably afford is an important first step. Online financial calculators are a great resource for planning for your finances and budget. CTFCU provides free online financial calculators that help you to plan for your loans, mortgage, or savings investments.

Online & Mobile Banking

Today, online and mobile banking is no longer a technology that only big banks offer, but local credit unions also provide these services. Instead of having to visit the branch each time you want to view your transactions and balances, you can track all of your personal finances right from your phone or computer with mobile and online banking. Members of CTFCU can make payments, transfers and more all while on the go.

Financial Planning Consulting

One of the many perks of being a member of a credit union is the personalized services that come with it.  Members of CTFCU have access to personal comprehensive financial planning services through our alliance with Northeast Planning Associates.

Northeast Planning Associates offers guidance to members to help them solve tough financial questions and make plans for the future. Areas of services you can take advantage of include qualified accounts, advisory accounts, insurance programs, and investment programs.  

Savings Club Accounts

Saving money is challenging, especially when unexpected expenses come up.  CTFCU’s club accounts are a great solution for savings difficulties because they separate your savings for specific reasons. Club accounts separate your funds to make depositing money easy and building your savings towards a goal, such as a vacation, simple.

Start putting aside money for the holidays right now with our holiday club accounts. From now until December 31st, you’ll receive a free gift if you open or renew your holiday club account.

Financial Education Center

Did you know that CTFCU now offers access to free online financial planning resources right at your fingertips? Our online financial education center just launched, offering video courses to help you plan for your financial future. The short and engaging videos cover topics such as paying for college, buying a home, and planning for retirement. After completing the video courses, you’ll be prepared with the right skills to tackle your personal finances.

Looking for more ways to take advantage of your membership at CTFCU? Visit our office or contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.