The end of summer marks the harbinger for bright, fall beginnings, and for some, the start of an extraordinary journey to college. For first-time first-year college students, the passage into university life can be a daunting one–it is a new experience all around and necessitates learning independence and organization. Entering campus life is an exciting milestone, and the Common Trust team wants to propose the ultimate dorm room essentials tips in addition to offering financial assistance for a seamless start. We hope our Essentials Guidelines provide some useful ideas to help you plan. Also, this exciting event of venturing to college is notably the ideal time to explore our Back to School Loan for your preparation. Your excitement is our excitement, and we look forward to offering incoming freshmen support for this significant turning point moment. 

Get & Stay Organized 

For any incoming college student, living away from home and the dawning of independence can feel overwhelming. Organization is the key ingredient to relieving stress, as your dorm room checklist is probably multiplying by the minute. The first order of being organized is to distill your list to purchase the items you actually need. We recommend first combing through your checklist and narrowing it down to key things– it can be easy to go overboard, but remember that less may be more as space is limited. Before heading to the store, talk with your roommate(s) to coordinate your new environment to figure out who is bringing what so you do not transport more than you should. 

Mainstays for a Comfortable Stay 

Dorm room essentials may seem obvious; bedding, bath and laundry products, and computer necessities, but dorms are bare and primed for your arrival. Dorm rooms are typically fairly small, so adjusting to a tighter room requires a downsizing mentality to maximize space. The following items should help you condense space and allow you to have all the things you need.

Bedding & Personals List

  1. Bed Risers – bed lifts allow you to increase space under your bed so you can store what you don’t need for that season. We also recommend buying a few plastic bins to store items under the bed.
  2. Bath caddy, towels, and shower shoes 
  3. Health and Grooming essentials 
  4. Hanging closet shelving and over-the-door hanging vanity organizer to keep all your toiletries together and free up space elsewhere
  5. Hydro Flask – save on buying bottled water and keep a hydro flask handy when in-room or heading to class.
  6. Small vacuum or dustbuster to keep your room clean 
  7. Favorite art or music posters, string lighting, and other items for decor to personalize your space

Study & Electronics List

College life is surely about balancing studying and fun. While in academic mode, having your desk and study zone well-organized will help keep you focused and feel less overwhelmed. Late night studying is bound to happen, so be equipped with the proper necessities for optimal concentration.

  1. Laptop, printer, surge protector, and all appropriate charging cables 
  2. Laptop desk for portability 
  3. Desk lamp for late-night study sessions
  4. Wireless headphones, or even noise cancellation headphones
  5. Desk shelving units for books and files
  6. Calculator and Dictionary 
  7. Supplies 

Entertainment & Downtime List

Amidst your rigorous studies, you will have time for recreation with your new friends and roommates. Sharing in streaming services and TV purchasing can also ease budgets, so be sure to collaborate with your suitemates on how you want to contribute to your shared space.

  1. TV 
  2. Mini fridge and microwave 
  3. Streaming stick 
  4. White noise machine for tranquil sleep 
  5. Speakers for music streaming

Carpe Diem

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Getting acclimated to dorm life is an exhilarating process, and we look forward to helping you thrive upon your first foot on campus. The Common Trust Team is accessible to answer your questions on activating this unique loan opportunity to launch your new experience ahead of the game. We wish the best of luck to all rising college students in this new academic year — you’ve got this, and we’ve got you.

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