On Monday, March 11th, CTFCU held its first CU4 Reality Auction with two eighth grade classes from Woburn’s Kennedy Middle School. The eighth grade classes are a part of CTFCU’s Financial Literacy Program, where representatives from the credit union teach students about financial responsibility.

The students from this program had been running their own businesses in school for the past few months, and CTFCU’s auction was an opportunity for these students to take their profits and bid on over 40 auction items. After working hard at their businesses since before Christmas, the students took home items including gift cards, sports equipment, and Bluetooth speakers. The auction was a great experience for the students as well as for the staff from CTFCU who attended.

Since kicking off the Financial Literacy Program last year, representatives from the credit union teach classes designed to prepare students for future financial success and cover topics such as personal finance, savings, and credit. CTFCU thanks Kennedy Middle School teacher Sara Dumanski and Principal Carl Nelson for their continued help and support of the CU4Reality Financial Literacy Program.

CTFCU at Kennedy Middle School