volunteers at a bed for every child

While a bed might seem like a simple piece of furniture, it can play a large in role in helping children achieve their full potential. A Bed for Every Child is an organization tackling poverty in Massachusetts by providing beds for kids in need. Common Trust Federal Credit Union’s James McCorkle and Frank Harmon volunteered for the organization, helping build beds for local children.

A Bed for Every Child works with public schools and community organizations to give free new beds for children across the state. The program’s mission is to provide students with the tools they need in order to succeed in school and help break the cycle of poverty.

“It’s important for kids to be able to grow up and have their own bed, which is something lot of people might take that for granted,” said McCorkle, President and CEO of CTFCU, after spending time with the organization.

Studies show that a lack of sleep for children can have a negative impact on concentration, memory and ability to learn.  Children who get more sleep are able to achieve higher in math, science and reading.

In the future, McCorkle  plans to find more ways CTFCU can support A Bed for Every Child. McCorkle said he hopes to, “explore some more avenues that we can go down to give back to a great program like this.”

Interested in volunteering or donating to A Bed for Every Child? Learn more about how you can help contribute.